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New competition 2024. 
Play in minimum 10 Sunday Medal competitions this season to win your 2025 playing fees.  The 7 best net results counts.

Competition fees 9 holes members €5, guests €10, 18 holes members €10, guests €20.

Team competition results

Thursday competition 11.7.2024

1. Fagersund, Björn/Eklund, Mikael/Segerstam, Gustav 50p

2. Hagström, Fredrik/Wallsten, Jonny/Blind draw 46p

3. Kniivilä, Kimmo/Klemets, Ove/Lindgren, Sixten 42p

4. Öst, Allan/Vikström, Mikael/Blind draw 42p

5. Andersson, Kari/Westerlund, Göran/Sundqvist, Gun-Britt 40p

Thursday competition 4.7.2024

1. Eklund Mikael/Segerstam Gustav/Blind draw 52p

2. Vikström Mikael/Lindgren Roger/Fagersund Björn 47p

3. Sandström Tommy/Lindgren Sixten/Sundqvist Gun-Britt 41p

4. Stenlund Tom​/Stenlund Dan/Andersson Kari 37p

5. Öst Allan/Klemets Ove/Hästö Markus 36p

Thursday competition 27.6.2024

1. Strand Ove/Hästö Markus/ Blind draw 46p

2. Segerstam Gustav/Öst Allan/Sundqvist Gun-Britt 45p

3. Autio Juha/Lönnvik Rainer/Sågfors Max 41p

4. Backman Göran/Kackur Joel/Andersson Kari​ 41p

5. Vikström Mikael/Stenlund Tom​/Backstedt Siv 38p

6. Mattjus Nils-Erik/Klemets Ove/Eklund Mikael 38p

7. Whippey Stephen​/Löf Kim​/Lindgren Sixten 36p

Thursday competition 20.6.2024 

1. Andersson Kari/Pettersson Per Erik/Eklund Mikael 43p

2. Backlund Jan-Erik/Wannäs Thomas/Hagström Fredrik 40p

3. Autio Juha/Kackur Joel/Sundqvist Gun-Britt 39p

4. Sundkvist Mikael/Strand Ove/Sågfors Max 38p

5. Backstedt Siv/Whippey Stephen/Segerstam Gustav 37p

6.Klemets Ove/Lönnvik Rainer/Wallsten Jonny 36p

Thursday competition 13.6.2024

1. Rosengård Johan/Kackur Joel/Blind draw 42p

2. Vikström Mikael/Hästö Markus/ Westerlund Helena 42p

3. Segerstam Gustav/Taivassalo Jukka/Käld Jonas 40p

4. Öst Allan/Lindgren Roger/Sundqvist Gun-Britt 40p

5. Segervall Ulf/Rosengård Emil/Backman Göran 39p

6. Klemets Ove/Eklund Mikael/Backstedt Siv 39p

7. Haga Hans-Ola/Sandström Tommy/Sågfors Max 29p

Thursday competition 6.6.2024

1. Stenlund Tom/Brännkärr Jan/Thors Albin 44p

2. Wannäs Thomas/Backman Göran/Kackur Joel 43p

3. Eklund Mikael/Backlund Jan-Erik/Sågfors Max 42p

4. Mattjus Nils-Erik/Klemets Ove/Sundqvist Gun-Britt 41p

5. Wallsten Jonny/Öst Allan/Lönnvik Rainer 38p

6. Rosengård Johan/Andersson Kari/Backstedt Siv 38p

7. Strand Ove/Stenlund Dan/ Blind draw 33p

8. Segerstam Gustav/Kniivilä Kimmo/Hagström Fredrik 31p

Thursday competition 30.5.2024

1. Brännkärr Jan/Sundkvist Mikael/Hagström Andreas 48p

2. Jakobsson Robin/Kniivilä Kimmo/Wallsten Jonny 47p

3. Öst Allan/Löf Kim/Eklund Mikael 46p

4. Westerlund Helena/Stenlund Tom/Blind draw 46p

5. Andersson Kari/Haapala Marko/Klemets Ove 45p

6. Rosengård Johan/Strand Ove/Sandström Tommy  41p

7. Sundqvist Björn/Haga Hans-Ola/Wannäs Thomas 38p

8. Pettersson Per Erik/Sundqvist Gun-Britt/Hagström Fredrik 38p

9. Lönnvik Rainer/Stenlund Dan/Backstedt Siv 37p

10. Libäck Kim/Lindgren Sixten/Kackur Joel  36p

11. Backman Göran/ Edström Jenny/Edström Roger no result

Thursday competition 23.5.2024

1. Wanns Thomas/Eklund Mikael/Autio Tuula 49p

2. st Allan/Lf Kim/Strand Ove 41p

3. Segerstam Gustav/Whippey Stephen/Blind draw 41p

4. Sundqvist Gun-Britt/Sgfors Max/Kentala Lisa 40p

5. Hagstrm Fredrik/With Johan/Backstedt Siv 40p

6. Backman Gran/Wallsten Jonny/Lindgren Sixten 39p

7. Segervall Ulf/Edstrm Roger/Lnnvik Rainer 38p

8. Kniivil Kimmo/Backlund Jan-Erik/Sandstrm Tommy 36p

9. Kackur Joel/Klemets Ove/Haga Hans-Ola 36p

10. Andersson Kari/Stenlund Tom/Rosengrd Johan 33p

Thursday competition 16.5.2024

1. Hänninen Philip/Kackur Joel/Whippey Stephen 46p

2. Kniivilä Kimmo/Hästö Markus/Sundqvist Gun-Britt 42p

3. Pettersson Per Erik/Klemets Ove/Blind draw 40p

4. Stenlund Dan/Sandström Tommy/Blind draw 40p

5. With Johan/Backstedt Siv/Wannäs Thomas 39p

6. Segerstam Gustav/Backlund Jan-Erik/Lönnvik Rainer 37p

7. Hagström Fredrik/Kerbs Peter/Wallsten Jonny 37p

8. Öst Allan/Lindgren Roger/Lindgren Sixten 35p

9. Andersson Kari/Sågfors Max/Westerlund Helena 35p

10. Edström Roger/Strand Ove/Sundkvist Mikael 32p

Clubchampionship 19-20.8.2023


1. Juha Autio 80+78=158

2. Allan Öst 90+90=180

3. Jan Brännkärr 86+95=181

4. Mikael Vikström 90+92=182

5. Ove Klemets 94+91=185

6. Kim Löf 97+99=196

7. Tommy Sandström 106+92=198

8. Sixten Lindgren 107+99=199

9. Johan Rosengård 95+104=199

10. Johan Ström 95+105=200


1. Linda Segerstam 94+91=185

2. Gun-Britt Sundqvist 105+103=208

3. Siv Backstedt 111+120=231


Andy Gealy 77+78=155


Thursday competitions

Thursday competitions are played over 9 holes. You can choose to play with your own group or ask the prohsop if there is a group you can join. The competition format is stableford. The 3 best results in the handicap category receive a price. If you are a new golfer this is a great way to start competing in the company of more experienced players. Members 5guests 10.

Sunday competitions

Sunday competitions are usually 18 holes. The competitions usually start at 10am and once a month there is a 2pm start. If there are 10 or less there is one scratch price and one handicap price. If there are 11 or more competitors we have four prices, one in scratch and three in the handicap category. Deadline to join is 9am in the morning on the same day. Members €10, guests €20.  If you join after 9am you pay €10 extra and start in the  last group.

Sponsor competitions

We have sponsor competitions and club competitions with other clubs in the region. The annual club championship is played over two days, Saturday and Sunday. There are different categories for men and ladies.

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Member fees 2024

Pay to activate your membership, last year's membership finished on 31.3.24.


150€ (membership fee and playing fee included for the whole year)



220€ (membership fee 140€/playing fee 80€ ) 


290€ MEN (membership fee 140€/playing fee 150€) 

220€ LADIES and students over 21 years (140€/80€) 

210€ NON RESIDENT (140€/70€) 

70€ YOUTH under 21 years (membership fee 70€/playing fee 0€)

50€ JUNIOR in primary school, also those who start secondary school in Autumn 2024

0€ CHILDREN under 10 years with parents or relatives as members


150€ playing fee for those who have a different home club (members competition fees)

Bank account: REMSON GOLF CLUB

Nordea IBAN FI59 1113 3000 6084 69 

BIC: NDEAFIHH | FO-nummer: 1848760-3

Smartum, Tyky or e-Passi can be used as payments. Remember to mark the e-Passi payment correctly as members fees not greenfee.


For more information please email

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Club News

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